Zucchini Sabzi

There are endless possibilities with sabzis. They can be the side, a main dish, a salad topper, or anywhere else that you would like to add more veg. The key to this sabzi is getting a good brown on the zucchini, that is when it’s flavor truly shines. 

makes 4 cups


1 large zucchini (3 cups, 330 g), chopped into half moons

2 small potatoes (1 cup), boiled and roughly chopped

4 Tbsp EVOO

1 tsp mustard seed

¼ tsp asafoetida 

¼ cup red onion, minced

1 tsp serrano pepper, minced

1 Tbsp ginger purée 

½ tsp salt

2 Tbsp cilantro, finely chopped


  1. Heat up the olive oil, pop the mustard seeds and asafoetida.

  2. Keep on high heat and add the zucchini. Cook until it gets a golden color around the edges and is still bright green (~5 minutes).

  3. Add the potatoes, red onion, serrano, ginger purée, salt and cook for about 4 minutes.

  4. Garnish with chopped cilantro.

ideas / variations

  • Add dried currants or raisins for a touch of sweetness.

  • Enhance any salad or rice dish by adding this on top.