Masala Boiled Egg Salad

Masala Boiled Egg Salad

This recipe circumvents the boiled egg taste and gives it a fragrant ginger flavor. Feel free to add other vegetables like cucumber or avocado to the salad. 

makes ~4.5 cups


4 fresh eggs

2 cups of salad greens (spinach or lettuces)

1 medium tomato, cut into 1 inch chunks

½ tsp salt

Pinch of red chili powder

2 Tbsp EVOO

1 tsp cumin seeds

½ cup of diced red onions

1 tsp serrano pepper, minced

juice from half a lemon

Pinch salt


  1. Bring the eggs to a boil and cook for 8-10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the eggs rest in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Remove shell and slice into 4 pieces.  
  2. On a shallow serving bowl, spread the salad greens and scatter the tomato over it. Next spread the sliced eggs on the greens. Sprinkle salt and chili powder over the entire mixture. 
  3. Heat up the olive oil and pop the cumin seeds. Add the diced red onions and serrano pepper and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes or until the onions are translucent. 
  4. Drizzle over the salad greens, add the lemon juice & additional salt to taste. Toss and serve. 

ideas / variations

  • Add sesame seeds for nuttiness. 
  • Try lime juice instead of lemon.