I was born & raised in India at a time when culinary careers were nonexistent. Instead I pursued a career in science & came to cooking for the sheer joy of it.  I am not a classically trained chef - almost all of my learning has come from relentless experimentation. Food has always come easy to me with ideas constantly bubbling through my head.

When I came to North America, the food I grew up with was in need of new representation. I wanted to change the perception of Indian food from overcooked dishes & curries to fresh & multifaceted.  This led to the opening of Indika, my first restaurant, followed by three Pondicheri outposts in Houston & one New York City. 

From the incredible culture that gave us the world of yoga & Ayurveda, India has been the playground for spices & their nuances for millennia. We want to explore & examine those traditions in today’s fast-paced world to bring you practical everyday recipes infused with the magic of spices. Tested & tried from the kitchens of Pondicheri in Houston & New York, India1948 is going to be a place of discovery: grounded in old traditions while testing new ideas.


Welcome to our kitchen! 

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    Pondicheri opened in Houston on March 1, 2011, serving non-traditional authentic Indian dishes, unique baked goods, fresh juices, local craft beers & fine wines.  "Pondicheri" is an early spelling of Pondicherry (or Puducherry), a small coastal town on the Bay of Bengal in South India.  Like its namesake town, Pondicheri aims to create a vibrant environment in which myriad regional & cultural influences converge to provide a diverse & complex experience. With all of her kaleidoscopic menus, Anita combines the complexities of Indian cuisine with leanings toward the ancient body of Ayurveda & the goodness of fresh, local ingredients. 

    Pondicheri expanded with the opening of the Bake Lab + Shop in October of 2014, providing a more extensive selection of baked goods & traditional sweets as well as salads, chaats & sandwiches.  The shop within the Bake Lab offers cooking aids, signature spice blends, Ayurvedic beauty products, books & Pondicheri goods.  The Bake Lab + Shop also serves as a space for private eventscooking classes & community breakfasts.

    In August of 2016, Pondicheri opened its first out-of-state location in the Flatiron district of New York City.  Like its Houston counterpart, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch & dinner.  In 2017, Pondicheri expanded with a museum café in Asia Society Texas Center

    Pondicheri has been recognized nationwide, with a James Beard nomination for best new restaurant in 2012, top 10 awards for Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Restaurant every year since opening & the Honey Mesquite Cake named as one of the top 10 New York Dishes of 2016 by the New York Times.  Anita Jaisinghani has been a James Beard semifinalist three times for Best Chef Southwest, in 2012, 2017 & 2018.